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STI FlowLine™ WB30 Dual Wash-Belt Conveyor


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Sonny's FlowLine™ Belt Conveyor Overview:

Sonny's STI FlowLine conveyor provides the edge you need to differentiate your brand from an engineering accomplishment that you'll never need to think about. Every detail has been reimagined to reduce wear, maintenance, and downtime. Performing 24/7 unattended outdoors in the coldest Canadian car wash climates for years, FlowLine delivers the potential to elevate customer loyalty and your average ticket while maximizing throughput during your busiest peak hour.


  • Self-cleaning low maintenance engineering marvel that delivers industry leading belt & sprocket life in the harshest environments.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction with no correlator confusion that slows throughput and risks damage claims.
  • Stand apart with an easy and smooth loading experience that creates a memorable competitive advantage in your market.
Sonny's FlowLine™ Belt Conveyor

1 Drip Trays

Galvanized drip trays are installed underneath every ExTrac slot to ensure that the contaminants and dirt do not fall onto the bottom of the belt. Removing dirt and contaminants from the conveyor as quickly as possible is the key to maximizing the life of the consumables.

2 ExTrac System

The wear plates feature our ExTrac System, a series of slots cut in the plates that are designed to eliminate dirt and contaminants from the conveyor as quickly as possible. This is one of the design features which helps increase the lifetime of the belt, sprockets and wear plates.

3 Motor Cover

The galvanized motor cover is only 2 1/2in high! This allows you to put any production vehicle through your car wash.

4 Galvanized Framework

Every structural component of the FlowLine™ is hot dip galvanized to maximize longevity in the harshest environments.

FlowLine™ SD
FlowLine™ HD
Belt Type Dual Dual
Belt Thickness 3/4in 1in
Belt Car Pusher Row Spacing 18in 18in
Hinge Pin Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Hinge Pin Diameter 1/4in 5/16in
Drive Type Electric Electric
Drive Configuration Single Center Single Center or Dual Side Mount
Wear Plate Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Wear Plate Thickness 1/8in 3/16in
Fiberglass Grating Thickness 1.5in 1.5in
Fiberglass Grating Type Open Open
Rinsing System FlowRinse™ 4-Stage FlowRinse™ 4-Stage
Dirt Extraction ExTrac™ System ExTrac™ System

Why Choose Sonny's FlowLine™ Belt Conveyor?