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Express Exterior Belt Conveyors

With over 200 belt conveyors installed in car wash tunnels worldwide and the best warranty in the industry, we are the experts in belt conveyor technology.

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Premium Customer Experience

Optimized Throughput Efficiency

Future-Proofed Wash Operation

Express Exterior Belts

Setting The Standard


The conveyor is the heart of your tunnel car wash. With an STI FlowLine™ belt, you will achieve the highest standard in customer experience while maximizing throughput and reliability.


Premium Customer Experience

Make Your Customers Happier

A belt conveyor allows your guests to feel more confident entering the wash tunnel, providing a stress-free customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

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Galvanized Frame: All of our conveyor frames are hot-dip galvanized to provide a high level of corrosion protection in harsh conditions.
ExTrac™ System: Our glide plates feature the patented ExTrac™ dirt extraction system, designed to efficiently remove abrasive particles from the system, significantly increasing the usable life of the belt, drive sprockets, and plates.
Ease of Maintenance: We put operator’s needs first and foremost in our conveyor designs. With minimal maintenance requirements, customers will notice a significant reduction in the amount of time and money spent on conveyor upkeep.

Increased Throughput

Clean More Cars

Belt conveyors can provide a throughput increase of up to 20% when compared to a traditional chain conveyor. Speeding up the wash process makes your customers and your bottom line happier.

Future Proof Your Operation

Built For Emerging Technology

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Installing a belt conveyor ensures that your operation is ready for emerging automotive safety technologies.

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Quality Engineering

Industry Leading Reliability & Durability

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and market-leading patented design, our belt conveyors are the highest quality, longest-lasting belt conveyors on the market.

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Tunnel Car Washes Are Our Specialty

If you operate a tunnel car wash or are looking at building a brand new wash, we are here to chat with you about how our belt conveyors can improve your operation.

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