The advantages of modular belt conveyors over traditional chain conveyors are numerous. Easy loading & unloading, the ability to accept any vehicle width or tire width, no damage to tires, rims or suspension components, higher customer throughputs, smoother, quieter movement and reduced maintenance costs are all hallmarks of the modular belt revolution for car wash conveyors.


STI Conveyor System’s FlowLine™ dual belt conveyor system takes the advantages of modular belt conveyors to a whole new level by offering the most innovative, precise and longest lasting conveyors available on the market today. Engineered from the ground up to withstand the harshest of carwash conditions including:

  • Cold weather operation
  • Winter road salt, sand & gravel
  • Aggressive chemical environments
  • High wash volumes
  • Minimal or no attended loading
  • Reduced maintenance availability

FlowLine™ conveyors utilize the best quality materials and coatings available to achieve rugged resilience to these harsh conditions. Materials such as stainless steel, engineering grade plastics, fibreglass reinforced plastics, hot-dipped galvanized steel and zinc-nickel coated steel, all provide the utmost protection of your conveyor asset.

FlowLine™ conveyors are precisely engineered using the latest in 3D design tools and manufacturing technologies including CNC machining & forming, laser cutting and advanced welding techniques. All of these contribute to making FlowLine™ the most level, accurate and smooth conveyor available.

Designed by engineers and technicians who are directly involved in conveyor servicing and maintenance, FlowLine™ conveyors are built for reduced maintenance requirements and easy access to key service components such as gearboxes, wear plates, shaft bearings and drive sprockets. Minimized maintenance downtime means maximized profits from your operation.

FlowLine™ dual belt conveyors are available in standard belt widths of 30” and 36”.  Custom widths are also available to suit your requirements.  

For full service / detailing conveyors, FlowLine™ is offered in a dual 60” belt design as well as a single 144” belt design. Each of these options offer advantages to best suit the style of your full service operation.

All FlowLine™ conveyors can be colour configured to match your wash or full service operation’s branding / color scheme.   

Look to STI Conveyor Systems for FlowLine™ – the most advanced, best built, and reliable modular belt conveyor systems available today!